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DIY wood projects

These DIY wood projects were all created in my garden shed using basic woodworking tools. In fact my biggest investment was my £90 bandsaw, so if you're looking to get started as a woodworker you don't need to spend a huge amount. For me the most important thing is to practice the basic woodworking techniques and continue to improve them. Even simple tasks like using a tape measure or drawing a pencil line could introduce errors into your work if not done correctly. So take a look at my DIY wood projects and feel free to try them out for yourself. Or if you've got better things to do feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to make one for you to purchase.

Whale chopping board
After watching Our Planet with Sir David Attenborough I was inspired to create a tribute to the great whale. And I came up with this whale shaped chopping board/serving tray. I was feeling adventurous, so I decided to put some... Read more
Happy couple chopping board
I wanted to make a chopping board with a difference. Something unusual that would stand out in a very crowded market. So here we have the happy couple chopping board, which makes a bold statement in the kitchen while also... Read more
Wooden puzzle completed
This wooden puzzle is also commonly known as the knot burr puzzle or chinese cross. The origins of this puzzle are unknown, but we do know the earliest mention is in an encyclopaedia created in 1698. However historians agree that... Read more
Wooden heart box
Did you know that wood is the traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary? With that being the case I was trying to come up with something impressive that could be given as an anniversary gift. So I thought I’d... Read more
wooden rattle completed - side view
My friend has recently had a baby, and I wanted to make something special for the little one. So after searching online I found a great website called madebymitch. And on this site, Mitch has created a really cool wooden... Read more
Bench painted light blue
My neighbours hired some builders to replace their garden fence. So of course I jumped at the chance to divert some wood from landfill and turn it into something special. My plan was to make a garden bench that a... Read more
Cracked box front view
The cracked wood box is widely credited to the late Judson Beaumont. He was a furniture designer and artist who continues to inspire woodworkers such as myself with his crazy and seemingly impossible ideas. So I’ve given it a try,... Read more
Wooden spice rack
What do you do with bits from a broken bed frame? Turn them into a spice rack of course! Our kitchen cupboard was overflowing with different herbs and spices. And the only empty space on the wall had an awkward... Read more
Wooden cat shelf
We have a cat and dog. And this comes with certain challenges. The main one being that our dog Rosie kept eating meals we left out for our cat Flynn. So we had an idea to make some sort of... Read more
Tree branch tealight holder
One way to get free wood with little effort is to stand under a tree and wait for a branch to fall. Luckily for me I have a lot of trees near me so I never have to wait for... Read more
Curved wooden box
How do I use up these small off-cuts that are building up in my worskhop? That was the question I asked myself, because being an environmentally conscious woodworker I try to throw away as little as possible. And I was... Read more
Wood coasters
This set of wooden coasters was my first scrap wood project. And it’s the one that got me thinking about the benefits of saving wood from landfill. You’ll see loads of these online, many using lovely exotic hardwoods and other... Read more