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Woodwork Matters is an idea that woodwork can be used to do good things

Sean @ Woodwork matters

Yes I know that’s a bit of a fluffy statement which can be interpreted in many ways. And it’s certainly a concept that continues to evolve in my own mind. But here are some areas that I’m currently looking to develop:

  • Diverting wood from landfill, and transforming it into something unique and desirable
  • Sharing woodworking projects to encourage others find a use for their scrap wood
  • Supporting charities, I am currently donating 5% of all profits to Friends of the Earth through my partnership with Work for Good
  • Promoting mindfulness, to reduce stress levels, improve attention and encourage positive feelings
  • Improving aspects of physical health, such as strength, dexterity and co-ordination
  • Teaching a new skill to different types of people, including children, the elderly or those with disabilities

And I will continue to look for new ways to use woodwork to make a positive impact on people and the environment.

Origin story

My interest in woodworking began at the age of 15 when I made a chair as part of a school project. I remember doing a terrible job joining the legs to the base, and I still regret not doing a proper job.

Fast forward a few years, and as a homeowner I started making my own bits of furniture such as side tables, shoe racks, spice racks etc. And people started asking if I could do the same for them, mainly because they had awkward spaces in their homes, so needed something custom made to fit.

At the same time I was managing a digital team at HSBC, and training as a mindfulness facilitator. And I realised that for me, woodwork is a form of mindfulness. And it helps to reduce the stress that comes with a leadership role in a global organisation.

This also coincided with my wife stepping up our recycling efforts and removing the majority of single use items from our home. Out went the foil, clingfilm, baking sheets, even the kitchen roll.

So I decided to combine all of these experiences into a single concept. One where I could take everything that’s important to me and share it with others. And before I knew it, Woodwork Matters was born.

More about me

Don’t worry, I know that nobody apart from my mum wants to come here and read through my life story. So here’s a quick list of facts that I think may be relevant:

  • I am based in London and I created Woodwork Matters in May 2020
  • Currently I’m a one man team, so if you get in touch you know exactly who you’re speaking to.
  • I make and quality check every product I ship. If I’m not 100% happy with the standard of work I won’t send it.
  • I’m mainly a self taught woodworker, however I’ve supplemented that knowledge with formal training provided by the London School of Furniture Making, which I would highly recommend.
  • I value trust, honesty and integrity, and I hope that comes through whenever you interact with Woodwork Matters.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me. Otherwise you might enjoy going through some of my woodworking projects if you haven’t done so already.