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Pallet projects

I love pallet projects because they're a great way to divert wood from landfill, and you can often create spectacular and unexpected pieces. And best of all the wood is free! Nearly every time I leave the house I see a discarded pallet either in a skip or just lying on the side of the road. So keep your eyes peeled and I'm sure you'll find one sooner or later. Have a look at my latest pallet projects, hopefully they'll inspire you to try some projects of your own.

Melting tealight holder
I wanted to make a tealight holder with a difference. Something that looked like something that it wasn’t. Does that make any sense at all? Well as I was brainstorming ideas, it hit me. Candles are hot, right? So why... Read more
Halloween Jack O' Lantern
Did you know that the Halloween Jack O’Lantern is based on the legend of Stingy Jack? He was a devious fellow who tricked the devil, and consequently when he died he wasn’t allowed into heaven or hell. Instead the devil... Read more
Lift top coffee table with hidden storage
Do you ever have trouble maintaining a clutter free living room? Me too, especially with 2 kids, a cat and a dog. I thought this must be a common problem so I set out to create a coffee table with... Read more
Completed pallet coffee table
I wanted to take a pallet and transform it into something really nice with a high quality finish. So I decided to make a reclaimed wood coffee table. This is the pallet I started off with. It was dumped on... Read more
Wooden slingshot close up
Have you ever made a slingshot with your fingers and a rubber band? I was teaching my kids, but I could see they were a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing. And then I remembered I’m a woodworker, so why... Read more
Wood garden animal picnic bench
This garden animal feeder is a great way to let your garden animals dine in style. I didn’t invent it, you’ll see a lot of these online, but I’ve found it’s a really good use of scrap wood. In fact... Read more
Dark wood hallway organiser
My wife loves soil. I’m not so keen, but I do like the pallets it gets delivered on. And I used one of these to make this hallway organiser. In fact I used this same pallet to make a few... Read more