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Dark wood hallway organiser

Hallway organiser

My wife loves soil. I’m not so keen, but I do like the pallets it gets delivered on. And I used one of these to make this hallway organiser. In fact I used this same pallet to make a few garden animal feeders. As usual I worked up a sweat taking it apart. But once you get the technique down it becomes much easier.


And after looking on Etsy I realised that there’s loads of these on the market. So I needed a way for mine to stand out. And what do I always do in a situation like this? That’s right, add some hidden storage! You’ll spot it now that I’ve mentioned it, but to the untrained eye it just resembles a block of wood. You’d have no idea what secrets lie within.

In addition I also included an umbrella shelf, coin/card tray and 5 key hooks. So lots of useful features to help clear some space in the hallway, and nothing else like it on Etsy!

Here’s a photo before sanding and finishing.

Hallway organiser unfinished

Finishing the hallway organiser

For the finish I used medium oak Colron wood dye followed by some varnish for a nice sheen. And I didn’t fill in the nail and staple holes, because I like to preserve some of the history. What a journey, from a soil carrying pallet to the focal point in a clutter free hallway!

Dark wood hallway organiser
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Safety notice

If you plan to use pallets for your own projects, remember to check for the stamp which tells you what kind of treatment it has been given. HT stands for Heat Treated. This means the producers have heated it to around 60℃ for approx 30 mins in order to eliminate parasites and insects. This is the one you want. However MB stands for Methyl Bromide. This means the producers have treated the pallet with a highly toxic pesticide, and should be avoided. Personally even if a pallet has no stamp I avoid it just to be safe. Here’s the stamp from the pallet used in this project.