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Wooden spice rack

Spice rack

What do you do with bits from a broken bed frame? Turn them into a spice rack of course! Our kitchen cupboard was overflowing with different herbs and spices. And the only empty space on the wall had an awkward shape which meant we couldn’t buy one to fit. So once again, woodwork to the rescue!

First I assembled a beautiful prototype to make sure I had my sizing correct. It looks like it was thrown together in a hurry, but this is actually the result of about 10 iterations. I had to experiment with the space, and try out different shapes and sizes. And this ensured that when I came to the build I knew exactly what I was doing.

I then cut my pieces to size and assembled everything with glue and dowels. I love using dowel joinery because you don’t have the problem of covering screw heads. And also because you’re inserting wood and glue deep into each joint, it makes it very strong and secure.

The wood from the bed had a terrible grey colour. But after some sanding and some oil it revealed a lovely grain which wasn’t even visible before.

A key part of this project is ensuring there’s a secure way to mount the spice rack on the wall. You also need to make sure that your wall can take the weight once it’s fully loaded. My original design actually had a closed back and a top. But I removed these in order to reduce the total weight.

This was a really simple build, which rescued some wood from landfill and turned it into a useful space saving solution which we now use all the thyme. Sorry that was unnecessary.

Wooden spice rack
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